At a recent event, we were asked why don’t we offer SalesSeek for free. There are plenty of free CRM solutions out there and it got us thinking.

Yes, free is good. Don’t get us wrong, we like a freebie as much as the next person.
But ask yourself this: when was the last time you had something free that wasn’t trying to make you ultimately pay for something better? When was the last time you were given something free that was of real value?

We are in the business of providing powerful and intuitive sales CRM and marketing software. As attractive as the idea of free CRM software is, the reality is that you’re investing time and energy into a product that is sub-par, or worse still, simply bait to make you pay for missing functionality.

This also begs the question, if their software isn’t their product that makes them money, then what is? The answer is you. You and your data become the thing that makes them money.

The reality is you get what you pay for.
It’s cliche but true. The value of paying for software is that it legitimizes your business, it shows you’re serious about generating revenue and that you’re invested in producing real results.

And this begs the question, if their software isn’t their product, then what is? It’s you. You and your data become the thing that makes them money.

Your success is our success.
The fact is your monthly or annual subscription pays our salaries, it’s what drives us to build an innovative, unique and a genuinely useful product that will help businesses grow their sales revenue. And we love doing that.

Free CRMs do a great job at offering you an entry level solution to simple sales management. But, what happens when you add in email marketing, connect your favorite accounting tool, or integrate your website’s contact form? If you can do it, someone will need to plan that for you, and it will probably cost. Then ‘free’ becomes ‘fee’, planning becomes turn around times, and all the while your business suffers as a result of opting for a ‘free’ but limited solution.

We do offer a free trial. That’s because we want you to get to know SalesSeek and feel the effectiveness of our product on your productivity and ultimately your bottom line as much as we do.

We’re not free, but what we offer is best-in-class customer support, a feature rich, not feature bloated sales CRM and marketing automation tool to help align and make your business successful.

Give us a try today.

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