When the hottest new products and services start trending, a surprising amount of businesses will jump on board; making a significant purchase or integrating the tool into their workflow. Most of the time this is because the integration is solving a problem that many people have. However, sometimes people just follow the flow and use whatever tool or tech is new, without considering what problem it actually solves for them, or their customers.

In this 3 part series, we cover three integrations that we’ve implemented; not because of a trend, but because of three stories that motivated our team to make a difference. To keep our clients happy, in this series we have swapped out individual and company names with fictional ones.

I’ve been working in advertising for most of my life but 5 years ago started my own agency with some previous colleagues. We started out small with just a few associates and focused on a reasonably boutique market, working with mostly small businesses. Because of our background working with bigger business in previous firms, it didn’t take long for us to start working with larger clients. It was great for business but also came with the growing pains that happen to any business. For us, we were still operating as a small business despite having reasonably large scale contracts and big pieces of work. Much of the work we managed was through basic contracts and trust. As jobs became more complex we started running into some problems.

With larger clients came larger invoices and in some ways, this created some dependency on our side. After we got burned a few times by clients agreeing to work and then going back on their word, it was time to take a look at how we would manage and negotiate some of these bigger deals. We had been using SalesSeek for about 6 months, helping us manage all the new business that was coming in, although at that stage we didn’t have an integration supporting contracts. We raised some of these issues with the SalesSeek team who were able to seamlessly make a new integration with DocuSign. With the DocuSign integration up and running and time spent on creating a more suitable sales process, we kept on track and have been able to avoid any nasty surprises since.

Anytime a business goes through a serious growth period, there are multiple things to consider. Especially as your customers also begin to change and adapt as you find your place in the market. DocuSign has been a useful integration for many of our customers and involves a crucial part of the sales process. For more information on the integrations we offer, you can check out our integration page.