It’s not uncommon in the 21st Century to hear about ‘community’ and its value within a business context. As a growing Chiswick based business, we’re lucky to be surrounded by some of London’s brightest and fastest growing business community. However, a community can still be isolated, and with a lot of us working very hard, we’re generally very focused on our goals and tasks right in front of us.

Recently, we got talking and we thought it was time to look up and around to celebrate the thriving community right on our doorstep, here in Chiswick.

Without further ado we’d like to introduce
West Assembly.

A regular community event with the sole purpose to bring West London based individuals and organisations together, to celebrate and build relationships.

The theme of our first evening is ‘the Value of Cohesion’. We all value positive company culture, but how does that sentiment of team cohesion translate into the practicalities of your company’s operations and compliance? How do company’s leadership teams innovate and promote diversity within the context of #MeToo and Brexit? How can people, processes, and systems all be brought together?

Expect free-flowing drinks, delicious Indian street food canapés, and a keynote discussion with Tim Hampson – SalesSeek and Johnny Lympus – Interactive Workshops. But don’t worry too much, the real theme of the evening is networking, not being preached at! So come and say hi, introduce yourself, have a drink, and most of all, a good time.

SalesSeek team signing off.

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