SalesSeek is incredibly excited to announce our partnership with Sales Confidence – the growing movement that champions the UK’s SaaS sales leaders and the next generation of SaaS sales talent.

Sales Confidence is a strong community of sales leaders and tech advocates working to build and grow the UK digital economy. Their periodic meetups and upcoming full-scale feature speakers going deep the nitty-gritty world of SaaS sales.

SalesSeek is an all-in-one business platform and hub for your customer data. It’s your CRM, Marketing Automation Platform, and Support Tools, all working together with your team. Designed and built to support SaaS businesses, SalesSeek is being used by teams around the world to grow their revenue.

Over the coming months, SalesSeek will be supporting the Sales Confidence community at meetups and the big event on June 21st. Meet the team, discover how SalesSeek can help your sales process and learn from proven industry professionals.

Find out more about Sales Confidence here.

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