It’s been 2 years since we launched our integration with Intercom, and what a great 2 years it’s been. This allows you to automatically sync Intercom Leads and conversations directly in your SalesSeek CRM account. In the lead up to this years SalesHacker London event, we look at the direction messaging apps are taking, and why it’s good for your bottom line.

Most messaging apps focus on live chat for sales communication, which of course has made sense. Whether it’s in-app or on your website to support prospects in making the perfect purchase decision. In the CRM space, we’ve found Intercom incredibly beneficial. Not only do all of our customers have very unique needs, they are also making a big decision when it comes to implementing a new CRM system across multiple individuals and teams. Having a direct point of contact where you can have back and forth, is crucial.

Multi-Channel Support

While it can provide a personal touch to support, chat only take you so far, catering to one type of person. The customers we and many others serve, tend to have a range of different preferences. By providing multi-channel support, you’re much more likely to increase your sales. Whether it’s through a direct call, blog or support articles and videos, people have their own unique way of finding information.

Intercom’s new Business Messenger tool enables a simplified journey for a prospect or a customer. Their messenger app now provides the option to integrate various apps. For example, allowing individuals to see the status of your app or new product launches. Focusing more on sales communication, you’re able to easily schedule demo meetings, offer purchasing options, capture lead data and a whole lot more all through the chat interface.

Connect Intercom with your Sales CRM

When you connect Intercom with your Sales CRM you’re combining two powerful tools. One that manages customer data, and another that powers your interactions with prospects and customers. With our already well-established integration with Intercom, we have some exciting new options coming up that allows you to take advantage of these new features, right in your own CRM account.

If you’re interested in these features and want to speak more with our support team just reach out to us in the app or by clicking on the chat icon at the bottom right of our website.


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