It would seem the internet has a solution for everything. But don’t you hate having multiple platforms that end up just getting in the way of you and your customer? You end up with a suite of mismatched products, multiple dashboards and a handful of bills to pay at the end of each month. Introducing SalesSeek’s Intercom integration.

SalesSeek intercom integreation

Managing multiple platforms can quickly become a job in itself, taking away a lot of precious time. Time that you should be spending helping your customer. At SalesSeek we are all about streamlining these channels or even better, getting rid of them by having one central place to manage your sales and marketing. This is something we have in common with Intercom, who cut through the clutter of multiple platforms and gives you one simple channel that focuses on supporting your customers. That’s also why we are excited to release our Intercom integration.

The tools you use shouldn’t burden you, they should enable you.

In partnership with our friends at Intercom, we have developed an integration that allows Intercom users to combine their communication and sales effort seamlessly. Your conversations in Intercom will automatically sync against contacts in SalesSeek. Updating their deal activity through our visual funnel. This feature allows you to view the content and status of each customer’s conversation with your team, providing you with a link that takes you directly to Intercom if you need to continue the conversation.

For example, Andy has multiple platforms and all of them provide potential customers for his business. As a small business owner sometimes he will miss potential leads. With the integration, Andy doesn’t miss a beat. As soon as a curious person enquires through web or social, those contact details will be automatically logged into SalesSeek. If Andy can’t follow up straight away, a colleague can easily bring themselves up to speed by glancing over the status of the conversation in SalesSeek, clicking a direct link to Intercom to pick up where Andy left off.

Intercom integration examples

intercom integration activity

Automatically view the status of your Intercom conversations in SalesSeek and sync your contacts.

Our Intercom integration will capture leads that you talk to by automatically syncing their contact details into SalesSeek. That’s going to save you a lot of time. For a lean startup or a growing business we feel this is extremely important to offer to our customers. Intercom is the leading realtime customer communication platform and SalesSeek visualizes your sales and marketing efforts. Together, we provide a new powerful integration. So enjoy it (for free of course)!

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