Founded in Dublin, the Intercom team set out with the goal to create a tool that allows you to chat in real time with both prospects and customers on either your website, web app or mobile app. The emphasis was on making installation and implementation painless and instant.

They marketed heavily and well – so much, so we tried it for ourselves. It took minutes to add Intercom to our website and the SalesSeek application, and it’s now our main artery for our customer success and support teams.

Today, everyone is familiar with Intercom; you recognise the notification noise, you understand that this is the way we communicate with businesses. Intercom has made it easy to reach out to people at the right time, offering real-time answers to people on the cusp of purchasing, or real-time invitations to have an online demonstration.

As a Customer Success platform, there are few who rival. As a tool we have become increasingly more reliant upon as a CRM and Marketing Automation SaaS software vendor, we choose to spearhead the CRM / Intercom integration.

As users of our own system, naturally, we wanted to see our customers Intercom data within our own platform. Visibility is crucial for delivering customer support that is scalable and personal.

We wanted to ensure two key boxes were ticked:

  • Leads entering Intercom automatically sync with SalesSeek including all of their contact details and social links.
  • All conversations are synced to contact record activity feeds, including their status and assignee.

What this meant was, no matter who was dealing with an issue in the company, be it the CEO, Customer Support exec, Sales or Finance department – everyone is aware of the current state of play with a specific customer. Working closely with their API team we have delivered the best Intercom integration with a CRM.

With the power of SalesSeek’s data platform, visual Sales Funnel and unlimited customisations, combined with Intercom’s unique approach to communicating with prospects and customers, feel confident that you’ve got a bird’s eye view over your business.

As Intercom prepare to announce their upcoming releases this October, we continue to add and improve our integration.

If you’re an Intercom user or a SalesSeek user and not currently using the SalesSeek/Intercom integration, you can follow our simple instructions or get in touch with us on our Intercom, and one of the team will be able to help.

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