Twitter has just released a beta version of their free ‘Twitter Dashboard’ app. This tool is aimed at businesses and brands and is a big step forward, especially for sales people using Twitter. It even has the potential to make other platforms such as Buffer and Twilert obsolete. How can you grow your sales leads and gain more insights with Twitter Dashboard? Let’s get straight into it.

Twitter dashboard for business

Twitter has a great on boarding process that will optimize the tool for your companies specific needs, you’ll be asked to enter some basic info and key words that other people might use when talking about you. For example ‘sales, marketing, crm’. This is a really powerful feature which will allow you to put in very specific phrases that are relevant to your niche such as ‘Korean folk pop music’. People can mention you in a tweet but they won’t always use your twitter handle or they might write your company name differently like ‘Air BandB’…

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Twitter Dashboard gives you the option to add these key words which then determines what you see in your customized feed, ‘Your tweets’. Obviously these key words can be edited at any time as you observe how people speak about your company.

Twitter Dashboard edit

Edit your key words at anytime

This is also taken a step further, giving you the option to type in key words that you don’t want to appear in your feed. For example, you might be a b2b company so by putting b2c in this field you will be able to filter out tweets for people looking at a similar tool in the b2b space.

After you’ve set yourself up you are taken to the home page where you get three options;

About you – This is your tailored news feed where you can see all your quality leads

Your Tweets – Your stream of tweets

Timeline – What you’d expect to see when viewing your normal Twitter timeline.

In the create section you can easily create instant tweets and schedule future tweets in a visual calendar. All of your scheduled tweets will also appear in a queue. There is also an iOS app so if you’re on the go you can access this feature as well. Like all of SalesSeek’s integrations this has a focus on huge time saving for your team and better insights into your data. This is especially useful for growing businesses.

Twitter dashboard content

Schedule your tweets and get helpful tips about content you should share.

You can optimize and measure your content by accessing real-time analytics. This gives you much more insight into your account as a whole and also specific analytics for every tweet.

If you only monitor your mentions, you might be missing a lot of the conversation about your business. We’ll help you set up a custom feed to capture Tweets you might otherwise miss. – Twitter

Twitter Dashboard

It doesn’t take a genius to predict that salespeople will be seeing the $$ signs light up. The way this tool let’s you tailor your news feed and get much more specific analytics and insights means you can really start focusing on getting better leads from your social accounts. To have a go with their beta click here and let us know your thoughts.


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