How many times have you hit a wall? Be it literally or figuratively (this post might be more useful for the latter). Inspiration is lost, you’re stuck for ideas, down on energy, and just generally not sure what your next move is. This isn’t uncommon for many people, especially in the world of social where you can monitor everyone else having breakthroughs or bursts of inspiration.

It makes a lot of sense to look at the success of others to find inspiration. Read a ‘How to…’ book or maybe a blog (much like this one) that tells you ‘x number of steps to do xyz’. Sometimes this can be a great source of motivation and ideation but too often people replace the search for breakthrough in the success of others. What’s worked for her, how did he do it? Some of our team find it helpful to follow this piece of advice and we think you might find it helpful to.

Study your past success, then find ways to replicate it.

There it is. Such a simple piece of advice that people normally fail to really take on board. Why? Because when you’re hitting a wall, or not getting inspired like everyone else, people often believe they’re the problem. They’ve exhausted all of their creative juices, they have nothing left in them, therefore the only fresh inspiration must come from outside of themselves.

There could even be a chance that this is the very reason they’re hitting a wall in the first place. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s good to read about other’s stories of success, and it’s good to try some of these things out for yourself. Some will probably work! But if they don’t, there is a good chance this piece of advice will help. In fact I’d go as far as suggesting this is where you start.

So let’s go into more detail as we break this down into two sections in A simple piece of advice to help find your own inspiration. Part II coming soon…

Image by Lucas Pimenta

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