Emojis are everywhere. Beyond the obvious use of emojis in communication, such as email, instant messengers like Slack and text message, how can we use emojis to enhance and improve our daily workflows in a b2b business?

The majority of our devices come ‘emoji ready’, meaning we can start to take full advantage of these simple visualizations across multiple applications and platforms.

We recently started using them in SalesSeek internally so we could easily differentiate groups our system. At first, there were a few on our team who thought they were ‘ugly’ additions, but they soon realized how powerful these little visualizations can be. Check out how we are using emojis below in our CRM.

In SalesSeek you can view your Contacts, Organizations, and Deals separately. We devised this system (which is still a work in progress), in order to help us work more efficiently!


❤️️ Our Team
? All Customers
⏱️ Trialists
? Customers
❌⏱️ Ex – Trialists
? Churn
? Events
⚡ Leads


Customer Success

⛳ Customer Success – Top Level Group Folder – Use these to track development and nurturing.
?️ 7 days
? 7 – 14 Days
? 14 – 21 Days
? 21 – 30 Days
? 30 – 60 Days
? 60 – 90 Days




? Large Customers
? Prospects
❌ ? Unruly Customers
⚠️️ Churn Watch
Company Size

? 1-3
? 4-20
? 20-50
? 50+



? Online Deals
? Won Deals
? Churn


Sales Meeting Groups

⏳ Sales Meeting
? Won Last Week
? Parked
? Lost Online Funnel
⚠️️ Churned – Upcoming
☢️ Problem Deals


Leads Sub-Groups
⚡ Leads – Last 7 Days
? Leads > £1000
? Leads > £500
? Leads < £500


? Reporting Meeting
?? Deals Monthly
⚡ Deals [Current Month]
⛔️ Lost Deals [Previous Month]


Mailing Lists

? Universal Master Mailing List
? General Mailing Lists
? ? Product Updates
? Getting Started – Drip Fed Emails

You could use similar emojis on your own computer to keep your folders organized.

? – Invoices
✈️ – Travel
⚠️ – Important Files
? – Hot Clients
? – Plans
????‍⚖️ – US customers

You get the idea. The options are limitless. Don’t forget to check out our recent blog post about Email Emoji Etiquette.

There are countless lists of emojis that exist online where you can copy and paste your favorite emojis for any use case. If you’re working on a Mac you can use their easy keyboard shortcut to bring up the emoji menu in almost any app. Press ‘Ctrl Cmd ⌘ Space’ and you can insert your favorite emoji into a doc. Check out this page from Buffer on how to do the same for Windows.

Let us know how you get on, and if you have any good emoji suggestions please comment below so we can add them to our b2b emoji list.