It’s 2016, yet something has gone amiss that’s led to the vast majority of non-visual CRM software falling into a grey, tabulated, and systematic vortex. We’re asking ‘why?’

Here’s an image of SalesForce from today and Siebel from almost 20 years ago – do you know which is which?

Compare Salesforce vs Siebel Systems CRM

Those who have moved forward have done so by realizing the power of visualization. Those who have thrived have done so by adding the bonus of simplicity cutting down on integrations to complete the solution.

Here are 10 benefits of a totally visual CRM software:

1. Sell more

Visual CRM software
By clearly and graphically displaying size, stage, activity and status of deals in a sales funnel sales teams have the ability to prioritise accurately and quickly. A visual funnel shows all deals in a single glance, allowing both sales people and senior management to rapidly understand where they stand.

2. Engage your team

Visual CRM softwares have been designed for the business world with the ultra-high expectations of the consumer world. Think Excel to Instagram. SalesSeek has recognized that people enjoy using products which look great and feel good to use. That’s why our platform has been built to perform and look and feel like something you would want to use at work, home, coffee shops, or just about anywhere.

3. Drive sales momentum

Business woman using SalesSeek CRM software to grow her sales leads
Sales momentum is a sales person’s driving mechanism, it takes forever to build and mere minutes to loose. By using a visual CRM you’ll have highly visual dashboards and sales funnels that allow teams to review their sales momentum and maintain it easily, by picking up on any deals dropping off the radar.

4. Save time

The best visual CRM software won’t just splash a diagram on your screen here and there; the whole platform will be visual allowing sales teams to view crucial information with just a single glance.

5. Always see the big picture

More often than not sales teams using outdated CRMs get lost in the detail and management red tape, whilst working to close a specific deal. With visual CRM software, those leads become harder to fall by the wayside. In SalesSeek we have developed our Sink or Swim view which keeps your team’s eye on the goal and stops deals sinking to the sediment of your sales process.

6. Realistic forecasting

Visual crm software - forecast

Forget about time-consuming and lengthy reports. Instead, use a sales funnel to show multiple, public or private, ‘what-if’ scenarios. With this, your team can plot and track their targets from optimistic, pessimistic and neutral viewpoints. Even export these to Excel to slice and dice until your hearts’ content.

7. Clear dashboards

Visual CRM software will likely have numerous role-specific dashboards and sales funnels that are fully interactive. In SalesSeek you can update a deal with a drag and a drop, calculate your marketing spend and ROI, or see how close you or your team is to hitting this month’s target. The ability to do this and do it quickly is at the core of SalesSeek’s mission. Help not hinder is the motto.

8. Integrated marketingVisual CRM software - dashboard

Running sales and marketing as independent processes results in the weekly argument about lead quality. An integrated system enables marketing and sales to work jointly on activity to makes sure no leads fall through the cracks.

9. Complete solution

If your visual CRM software is anything to write home about then powerful functionality and a strong foundation beneath a great visual user experience is a must! SalesSeek allows you to slice and dice, create powerful reports based on any piece of information, and export them. Time-consuming and costly integrations become a thing of the past thanks to an entirely open API and our latest addition PiP, which provides Integration-as-a-Service.

10. Support team and management

Sales & marketing tools should serve both sales and management. Traditional CRM applications have pushed the balance in favour of management, forcing sales teams to use CRMs merely to report back their progress, and likewise giving the whole CRM industry a bad reputation. Motivating sales and marketing teams whilst still maintaining transparency for management restores a harmonious balance that archaic CRMs continually fail to achieve.

Just say no to outdated, none visual CRM software. Start your free trial with SalesSeek today.


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