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A new generation of entrepreneurs expect to be able to harness applications to support business growth. These ‘growth hackers’ take an unconventional approach to apply technology. Using multiple SaaS applications, they stitch together the application programming interfaces (APIs) to bypass bottlenecks and automate sales & marketing activities to power growth.

This used to happen only in IT departments, with system integrators writing complex code taking months to complete. But, it’s accepted by today’s entrepreneurs this will be done in a few days by technically-skilled end users, impacting revenue generation immediately.

APIs, supported by developer websites, enable extremely flexible systems pulling together large amounts of data from various parts of the business. Geographic boundaries pose no problem either, as integration across your existing infrastructure and the API, from teams in different locations, encourages collaboration and circulation of information.

Customize to match your needs

SalesSeek recently made our API documentation accessible, providing our growth-hacking customers with an opportunity to integrate SalesSeek’s rich functionality with other applications, such as Xero for accounting, Zendesk for customer support, Quote Roller for quotations or anything else that comes to mind. The API can also be used to integrate specific hardware such as kiosks and barcode readers.

Saves time & money

Accessing the documentation for an API negates the need to build this type of framework from scratch, reducing the time and money required to set this up on your own. Growth hackers can create streamlined processes, supporting business growth in a few days. Users of APIs can profit from licensing any new programs created for their clients’ use too. The advanced functionality generated by these ‘mashups’ would be far more complex, time-consuming and expensive to initiate without access to the API.

All APIs are not created equal

But having access to an API isn’t always as simple as it should be.

For starters, many APIs aren’t fully open – where they’re unrestricted and available to everyone who signs up for a trial, or a paying customer – or complete, where you can do everything through the API that’s possible to do with the user interface. Software vendors have full control of their APIs and if they choose to amend their terms of access, or charge/increase their fees, thirty party users have no choice but to comply. It’s not uncommon to find inside the API the “gotchas” lurking that force you to upgrade.

No hidden extras

At SalesSeek, we wanted to do things differently.

  1. Our API is fully open – any authenticated user can use the API.
  2. It’s complete, in that everything goes through the API – we don’t have any back doors we use.
  3. Easy to use. If you want an example, simply open up web inspector and see the application calls and responses for yourself.
  4. Free to use. The only cost clients incur is the standard user subscription.

Maximize your benefit

We set up an API tutorial including examples of the variety of actions that can be undertaken such as creating a new client, web tracking and reporting periods. From the most basic to the most complex, we’ve tried to demonstrate different scenarios, so you can learn and maximize the usefulness of the API for your own benefit.

And, like everything else we do at SalesSeek, we’ve tried to make it visually clear and straightforward for you to navigate to an area that’s of interest to you.

If you’d like to find out more about how to use our API to accelerate your growth hacking, please get in touch.

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