BrewDog Co-Founder James Watt has a very clear message for any business in his book ‘Business for Punks’. “Whatever type of business, without community and without fans, a brand or business is destined to be all too short-lived.”

– James Watt, Business for Punks

And the only way to get a community of fans is to build a bloody brilliant product with an awesome mission at the core of your business. BrewDog says to forget boring, lifeless, and mystical mission statements. If your customers and fans don’t get it, you’re doomed. Business is no longer about finding a gap in the market, it’s about starting a crusade and running at it with all guns blazing. Everything you say, do, and believe has to be centered around your mission. Why? Because otherwise, your business will end up in the ever-growing graveyard of failed business, where it belongs.

A common theme throughout Business for Punks is that you need to create passionate advocates that are completely on board with your company’s vision. The future of your business depends on it. BrewDog fearlessly believes that this is the way business works in today’s fast-changing world. James Watt drives this message home, “Tomorrow there will be two types of business. The quick and the dead. It’s time to go fast or go home.”

medium ios BrewDog Series Preview

In our latest Medium Series, we explore Lessons from some of the best companies (see also Lego and Uniqlo). From having the utmost clarity in your mission to learning some fundamental finance skills. We take a look at business from the perspective of BrewDog Co-Founder, James Watt.

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