1. – What is the Cost per Lead?

The Marketing Dashboard provides the average cost per lead in a given period as part of the six Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Use this information to give you an instant overview of your Marketing return on investment.


2. – Tasks. Quick filters added!

Filter tasks by multiple options, including tasks ‘related to’ Deals, Individuals or Organizations. Get a better overview of the Tasks you have in the system.


3. – Search for anything in Tasks

In addition to quick filters, we have included a new ‘Search’ functionality. Type directly in the Filter area; the system will initially display individuals/organizations/deals that match the search or a list of tasks that match your search if you press Enter.


4. – Lead Capture. Map your forms to add leads into a specific Funnel or Phase

See more about Lead Capture mapping in our help article here.

5. – Add LinkedIn Contacts into SalesSeek with one click

Save heaps of time by automatically saving your LinkedIn connections to SalesSeek with the click of a button, including contact and profile information, all thanks to our Google Chrome Plugin.


6. – Get context of your SalesSeek contacts directly in your Gmail account

When receiving emails from, or replying to contacts, our Gmail widget displays their contact card in the sidebar of the email thread. This card includes detailed information on the email sender or recipient, their organization, deals, tasks and other activities from their SalesSeek record.

7. – Never copy and paste a contact’s email address again

When composing an email in Gmail you can also search and select contacts directly in Gmail’s compose window, giving you access to your entire SalesSeek contact list.


8. – Track a specific link with SalesSeek and use it to trigger automations

How? More info here > Tracking a Specific Hyperlink in an email campaign


9. – Who clicked, opened, unsubscribed and marked your emails as spam? 

Just click on each number in the campaigns ‘Sent’ section and a list of all the contacts that match that criteria will show. You can always save it as a static or smart group.

10. – SalesSeek supports Emojis 🏅⏱️💳🚨⚡ Organize your Groups and Mailing Lists with them

Press the Command and Control keys on your dashboard in Mac, or just copy and paste them into SalesSeek from Emojipedia.org. Want some inspiration? Check out some examples here: Emojis to organize your data in SalesSeek.

11. – Set up Tags in Activity notes and Tasks

Tags are designed to make it easier to search, filter and sort through your data. Use them for simple internal communication (Customer requests, Improvements, Categorization of communication), Priority (High, Medium, Low) or Red Flags. More info here: Tags

12. What are ‘Elephant’ Deals in SalesSeek?

This functionality allows you to mark any opportunity so that it shows in your funnel by default, even if you don’t have ownership. This is extremely useful when there are particular deals or opportunities that you want to keep an eye on but not take ownership of. As your team grows and you have a number of deals to oversee as well as your own, utilize Elephant Deals to make sure that it is always in your field of view when on the SalesSeek dashboard view. Learn more here: Elephants Deals in SalesSeek.


13. – Use Templated documents to speed up your workflow

This could be a quote, an invoice, a contract or terms and conditions that need to be signed that require details from your Deals. Once you have your document ready, add the supported merge tags in the document where you’d like to automatically populate your SalesSeek data. After that upload, it into the ‘Content section’ and assign it to a Contact, Deal and Organization.

14. – Archive email conversations in SalesSeek with BCC…

Archive the conversations you have with prospects and customers and keep you contact record up to date. Simply add archive@**your_clientid**.salesseek.net into the BCC field of each email and SalesSeek will process it and will add it into the deal/contact activity history.

15. – … or just forward your emails and they will be added into SalesSeek

In case you forgot to bcc archive or just want your contact’s email response included in SalesSeek, just forward the email to archive@{your_clientid}.salesseek.net.


16. – Add a Delay to Group Event Automations

Useful for Drip Marketing, Lifecycle Emails, and creation of tasks during a Deal’s Sales Cycle. Depending on different triggers or actions the person has performed, you can set up a whole automatic system for a specific funnel, for example, for the initial communication with a prospect.


17. – New Sales Tool! Deal phase Approvals

Sometimes there is the need to limit the ability of the individual salespeople to progress a deal past certain phases without the approval of a specific person (usually their manager, but there are other use cases). This given phase will be enabled to have an optional list of “Approval users”. If present, only one of those users will be able to move deals past a certain phase. Enterprise users please get in touch with us via Intercom, email or by phone, to enable this functionality on your system.


18. – Quickly find any record with the ‘Search’ shortcut: / (slash)

19. – Create an Organization at the same time an Individual is created

20. – ‘iFrame’ custom field

It will let you insert external websites, images or widgets into the record view.


21. – Drag ‘n’ Drop Files into Contacts Records

Attach a document such as a contract or a proposal to your contact’s record as simple as Drag and Drop.


Extra: More bespoke data. Why not have a look at our open API?

Learn about our Open API



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