Flicking through 70s back issues of hobby magazines, it seems quaint to see so many Introduction Agencies offering personal matchmaking services.

Seems incredible in today’s Tinder society, but employee matchmaking seems stuck in the same model, despite the alternatives already being present. The following interchange seems to sum it up really. The question is, how long will recruiters be “a thing”.

Email – Feb 24, 4:27 PM

To: Tim Hampson
From: A. Recruiter
Subject: Sales Exec – AcmeCo

Hi Tim, 

I tried calling earlier but thought I’d drop you a quick email in case this was a better way to catch you. I was keen to introduce myself and AcmeCo. AcmeCo specialise in recruiting sales people for the IT/Technology sectors.

I’ve noticed you are currently looking to add to the sales team and I was keen to get in touch as we have recently interviewed several high calibre candidates, some of which have relevant experience selling business application software in tech start-ups that could be of interest. 

As such, I would be keen to have a discussion based around your requirements and see what scope there would be to get some of our best candidates in front of you.

When would be a good time to discuss?

Kind regards,

A. Recruiter


Email – Feb 24, 6:03 PM

To: A. Recruiter
From: Tim Hampson
Subject: Re:Sales Exec – AcmeCo

Hi Recruiter;

Thanks for the note. As you’ve noticed, we have an advert out on LinkedIn, and not sure if this  is visible externally, but we’ve already had 35 applicants, and have started interviewing. The ad cost us £140. I guess you probably know this.

Ten years ago I worked with recruiters a lot, but LinkedIn (along with StackOverflow for technical staff), has kinda blown a hole in the 20-30% commission first year salary model of recruiters. This is not a 10x difference. This is a 100x difference.

I sympathise, and I guess there are still plenty of larger companies still to move away from recruiters for you, but it must be hard. I still always respond to recruiters as half the time they are not pitching to me, but actually applying for the job themselves. 

Good luck!



Email – Feb 25, 11:22 AM

To: Tim Hampson
From: A. Recruiter
Subject: Re:Re:Sales Exec – AcmeCo

Hi Tim, 

Thanks for getting back to me, appreciate the update. 

I wouldn’t class LinkedIn or StackOverflow as direct competition of ours. I agree that £140 is significantly lower than what we charge however when engaging AcmeCo you are not paying for CV’s but a service tailored to your requirements. 

Our higher fee is justified by the time we invest putting everyone of our candidates through a competency based interview framework, leaving us with only the best available sales talent on the market. 

My suggestion would be to invest the time giving us a brief, we can then put our best three candidates in front of you alongside the candidates you are receiving through your own methods, this way giving you a benchmark and ensuring you are seeing the highest calibre of candidate available to you. You have no obligation to pay a fee unless you hire a candidate through our introduction by which point you will have secured someone who warrants the investment. 

What are your thoughts?


A. Recruiter


Email – Feb 25, 1:57 PM

To: A. Recruiter
From: Tim Hampson
Subject: Re:Re:Re: Sales Exec – AcmeCo

Hi Recruiter;

You make a better argument than another recruiter who reckoned “the best marketing people aren’t on LinkedIn”, but unless you can match LinkedIn pricing, there is nothing to talk about.

I’m not trying to be facetious, and yes, I would pay more for a guaranteed hire – double, triple even. But £500 doesn’t work for your business model.

Best regards, Tim


A number of SalesSeek’s own customer’s work in the HR space and have made great strides in automating first pass candidate identification and employee filtering.

One of our clients, This Way Global, are an example of a new approach to HR, they leverage machine learning and advanced methodologies to find the best candidate match for your jobs, whilst also reducing costs, fatigue, unconscious bias and risk associated with current hiring processes.

GetMyFirstJob, the leading recruitment platform for apprentices, have been using SalesSeek to manage a complex, rapidly growing market across training providers and employers. James Bridgman, Marketing Director, said “with the pace of growth of the company, and launching specialized brands for different markets, it’s great we have one place in which sales activity can be tracked and managed across different teams, and integrated into our other back-end systems”

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